Handling An Estate or Probate?

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  Our team of real estate and personal property experts work to get you the most for your real estate and the remaining personal items.  The process is easy, low-stress, and based on your schedule.  In fact, Indy Inherited will Sell your property for you, or we’ll Buy it.

Lives today are already busy and heirs soon realize that handling an estate or probate can feel like adding a full time job.  Not only is it time consuming, there are often strong emotions involved, especially if you’re dealing with multiple heirs and competing interests.  Indy Inherited is a team of real estate and personal property professionals whose goal is to educate you on the options available and to relieve stress by facilitating the selling process.  We also work with attorneys and other experts to ensure a smooth transition.  Every estate in central Indiana is different, and that is why we tailor a liquidation plan specifically for you.  Some clients like the convenience of selling the entire estate in a single transaction while others prefer a more detailed approach with additional time to reflect.  Call (317) 536-2575 to learn more.

Real Estate Services

Our team of Realtors know that inherited houses come in many shapes, sizes, and conditions.  Knowing the best way to sell and manage different types of real estate in differing
local markets is our specialty.  When you use Indy Inherited, you’ll gain access to our team of inheritance pros such as: Realtors, Property Managers, Investors, Buyers, Auctioneers and more.  Learn more about our Indianapolis area inherited and probate real estate services.

Personal Property Liquidation In The Indianapolis Area

Personal property is often referred to as ‘movable property’, but we all know it can be much more than that.  At times, personal property can have the strongest emotional ties and spark powerful memories.  We are sensitive to this and when possible we structure liquidation in a manner that preserves the items and memories you treasure.  We help heirs, personal representatives, executors, trustees and family members liquidate all types of personal property.  To learn how you can benefit, call us at (317) 536-2575 or you can learn more by clicking here on our Indiana Personal Property Services page.

Other Services For Heirs, Estates, and Probate

The following are additional services we provide: Property Management, Senior Services, Distressed Estate Solutions, Inheritance Advances, Referrals, and Inherited business consulting.

  Whether you’re an heir, personal representative, executor, trustee, friend or family member, Indy Inherited is here to help you maximize the value of your estate and probate assets. Call (317) 536-2575