Personal Property Sales

We help heirs, estates, and family members sell all types of personal property.  Learn how you can use Indy Inherited to maximize the value of personal property. Call (317) 536-2575 

What’s considered personal property?

Personal Property is often referred to as ‘movable property’.  Basically, it’s anything that’s not attached to the house such as: furniture, cars, boats, RVs, jewelry, and general belongings.

What’s the best way to sell personal property?

Liquidating personal property is the process of turning ‘stuff’ into spendable money and choosing which method of selling should align with your goals..  Common methods include: Estate Sales, Private Buyers, Auctions, Etc…  Depending on the situation, you may benefit from a combination of techniques.  Depending on your goals, charities can also be great resources and we can help advise you on which charitable organizations fit your situation.  Learn more by contacting us today.

Will Indy Inherited buy my personal property?

Yes, sometimes, Indy Inherited will buy the personal property within a house.  Plus, there are even times when we’ll actaully purchase the real estate and all the contents in one single transaction.  Call (317) 536-2575 to learn more.