Senior Services

Often older individuals find it convenient to downsize or to move to a facility that specializes in senior care.  We give you real estate and personal property selling options to help the effort and to make that transition easier.

Distressed Solutions

Some estates are inherently more difficult such as: heirs in dispute, foreclosure, tax liens, high debt, and more…  Find out what’s best for your unique situation by contacting us now.


We work closely with others in the Indiana estate and probate world.  These include: charities, attorneys, financial advisers, CPA’s, counselors, and more.

Inheritance Advances In Indiana

Inheritance advances are sometimes referred to as: Inheritance Funding, Inheritance Financing,  or Probate Loans.  There are times when inheritance financing makes sense and there are times when it doesn’t.  We can provide you more insight if you are considering this option.

Inherited Business Service

We consult with and advise heirs on the best way to handle inherited commercial assets and business operations.